Club Governance

The Chesapeake Yacht Club operates in accordance with written bylaws and under the leadership of a Board of Governors, which includes both elected and appointed officers who meet monthly. This leadership team is chosen by the members during the annual Stockholders’ Meeting each November.

The club’s daily operations are overseen by the resident manager and assistant manager. Cordell and Sharon Vitkun have managed CYC for more than 25 years and have built a team of dedicated staff who keep club members well fed and the facilities and grounds in great shape.

2019 Board of Governors

Commodore – Lynne Mulston-Duffy
Vice Commodore – Ed Shelby
Rear Commodore – Steve Urbanczyk
Secretary – Sheri Nelms
Treasurer – Craig Landauer
Fleet Captain –  Judy Kuester
Immediate Past Commodore –  John Murray
Governor – Chris Hanback
Governor – Bob Leichtman
Governor – Jeff Schumack
Governor – Mark Shell

Other Ways to Get Involved

CYCLA, the club’s fundraising and philanthropic group, meets regularly to plan events that support local charities and keep the club’s facilities modern and attractive. For example, CYCLA’s members have collected donations and supplies for local elementary schools and funded projects such as new wrought iron fencing around the club, as well as its spa-like restrooms.

The Long-Rage Planning committee reviews the facilities and fiscal situation of the club and makes recommendations to the board in preparing capital and yearly operating budgets with an eye to the future.

The Finance Committee works with the Long-Range Planning Committee to review the fiscal situation of the club and make recommendations to the board as it prepares multi-year financial plans and annual budgets.

Each year, four volunteers serve as Dock Captains to represent their docks before the board and club management, and to help foster community among dock members.