The Chesapeake Yacht Club (CYC) is a private club owned by its members and led by an elected Board of Governors. A full-time management staff oversees daily operations. As a member-owned club, CYC enjoys a 501 (c) (7) tax status.

Location – 38° 50′ 7″ N 76° 31′ 50″ W
If you are looking for a marina or yacht club near Annapolis, Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, CYC is ideally situated. Located at the confluence of the West River and South Creek in Shady Side, Md., CYC is approximately 30 minutes from the Washington Beltway and historic Annapolis. By boat, we’re just nine nautical miles from Annapolis, 15 NM from Kent Narrows, and 15 NM from Tilghman Island. Our location attracts members from across the extended Washington-Annapolis-Baltimore metro areas and beyond.

The grounds are gated, secure and professionally maintained. There are several nearby shops to keep your pantry and bar well stocked and marine experts to work on your engine, sails, and more.

There are plenty of nearby attractions for days the weather (or your engine) isn’t cooperating.

The Chesapeake Yacht Club has operated continuously since it was chartered on January 8, 1947. It was built with an understanding that any profit would not benefit a single member, but be put into the club itself.


The Chesapeake Yacht Club is a private membership organization with a Sec. 501(c)(7) federal tax exemption. The facilities of the club are for the sole use of members and their guests. Information presented on this public website shall not be construed as an invitation to the general public.